Get Involved

Why get involved in London Challenge Poverty Week 2021?

The pandemic has demonstrated the strengths of London’s diverse community; the willingness of many to go above and beyond to support their neighbours and the extraordinary work done by health and care staff, shop workers, delivery drivers and many others who have kept London running day in day out, while often struggling to keep their heads above water.

However, it has also laid bare the impact of policies that for many years have failed to address or exacerbated inequalities in our community and threaten to fracture our cohesion. Poverty rates in London are the highest in the UK, emergency food parcel distribution has soared across the city, tens of thousands of children in London are homelessness and living in temporary accommodation and more people have died from Covid in deprived neighbourhoods than in more affluent ones. Moreover, many have now had £20 a week cut from their Universal Credit and increasing costs, including significant increases in fuel prices, will push people further into poverty.  This means that more will go hungry, lose their homes or be cold this winter. The situation could not be more urgent.  

Londoners want to live in a city free from poverty, where everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity. Now is the moment for us all; politicians and decision makers, activists, employers, employees, trade unions, public services, voluntary organisations and local communities, to come together, demonstrate our commitment to these values and challenge poverty once and for all.

How to get involved?

Taking part in London Challenge Poverty Week (11 – 17 October) can be rewarding and impactful. From organising events or launching campaigns to taking smaller, simpler actions – it all counts. The more people who take actions, the more powerful they become. To find out more about ways to get involved and how we can support you download our Getting Involved Guide below.