How Can I Get Involved ?

Taking part in London Challenge Poverty Week 2023 can be both rewarding and impactful. From organising events or launching campaigns to taking smaller, simpler actions – it all counts. The more people who take actions, the more powerful they become.

Some ideas of ways to get involved include:

  • If you are an organisation who delivers services you might hold an open day/morning/hour and invite people to see how you work and the impact it has.
  • Write a blog or invite someone to write a guest blog for your website
  • Time the launch of a new report or project during the week
  • Hold a question time style event & invite local politicians
  • Share key messages on social media
  • Make a film, dance, work of art to express the impact of living in poverty
  • Speak about your experiences at an event


On each day during London Challenge Poverty Week, we will focus on a different theme. We encourage organisations taking part to use these themes, but this isn’t a requirement, and you are welcome to hold your proposed activities or events on which ever day works best for you.

Monday 16 October: Adequate Income – social security and work

Challenging poverty must start with recognition that everyone should have adequate income to live on.

Tuesday 17 October: Food insecurity and hunger

Too many Londoners are living with the fear of not being able to afford to feed themselves and their families. Access to food is a basic human right which should be upheld.

Wednesday 18 October: Childcare and Education

Exorbitant childcare costs are a key driver of poverty for families in London. Everyone should have access to high quality education from the early years.

Thursday 19 October: Poverty, dignity and discrimination

The experience of poverty is often compounded by discrimination, which undermines human dignity. Challenging poverty also means challenging discrimination in all its forms.

Friday 20 October: Homes, communities and volunteers

Having a secure and affordable home in a safe and thriving community should be the experience of all Londoners.

For more thoughts and ideas about how to get involved and how to access support and resources check our our Get Involved Guide 2023.

And most importantly of all, if you are planning an event or activity then let us know about it so that we can include it in our communications about the week.