Get Involved

How Can I Get Involved ?

Taking part in London Challenge Poverty Week 2022 can be both rewarding and impactful. From organising events or launching campaigns to taking smaller, simpler actions – it all counts. The more people who take actions, the more powerful they become.

To find out more about ways to get involved and how we can support you, download our ‘Get Involved Guide’ or why not check out the story of London Challenge Poverty Week 2021 for inspiration.

You can also visit our What’s On page to browse the events and activities that are already planned.


On each day during London Challenge Poverty Week, we will focus on a different theme. We encourage organisations taking part to use these themes, but this isn’t a requirement, and you are welcome to hold your proposed activities or events on which ever day works best for you.

Monday 17 October: Cost of Living

Tuesday 18 October: Housing and Homelessness

Wednesday 19 October: Poverty and health

Thursday 20 October: Poverty, discrimination, and dignity

Friday 21 October: Income and social security