London Challenge Poverty Week

17-23 October 2022

This year London Challenge Poverty Week takes place against the backdrop of spiralling prices, driving the worst cost-of-living crisis we have seen for over 40 years. This is weighing on the minds of many, but those living on the lowest incomes are under the most acute pressure and face going without essentials such as a warm, safe home and enough, healthy food. This a denial of their human rights and stands in the way of them living a life of dignity, free from fear and want.

The erosion of the social security safety net that ought to be there to protect us from poverty in tough times means that there is now not enough help available to prevent many more Londoners being drawn into poverty.  

Community and voluntary sector organisations across the city are working hard to uphold people’s dignity by combatting the worst effects of poverty and helping people to challenge and overcome its causes. During London Challenge Poverty Week, we shine a light on the invaluable work of these organisations.

We also come together to raise our collective voices and demand that decision makers at all levels of government – national, regional and local – respond with compassion. Words are not enough, those decision makers must take urgent steps to protect people from effects of the cost-of-living crisis and fix the broken safety net so that Londoners can live lives of dignity, free from poverty.

About Us

London Challenge Poverty Week is coordinated by 4in10: London’s Child Poverty Network. We are supported by our London Challenge Poverty Week Champions who are involved in leading and shaping the week. These are people with lived experience of poverty, individuals with other specific expertise and/or designated representatives of partner organisations. The organisations they work with and for include: 

London Challenge Poverty Week also receives support from many other organisations who work alongside families on low incomes in the capital. The Week is open to all who share the aim of bringing about a poverty free London, where everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity.

We also work in partnership with The Poverty Alliance who coordinate Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland and Church Action on Poverty who coordinate Challenge Poverty Week  England and Wales.  

If you are struggling at the moment, please visit the Giving and Getting Help section on the 4in10 website.