London Challenge Poverty Week

What is happening?

Soaring food prices, eye-watering rent hikes, rising mortgage rates and crippling childcare bills mean that poverty is becoming a more widely shared experience in communities across London.

Low-income households in the city are more likely to be in debt and going without essentials than any other region in the UK. More and more people are experiencing the lived reality of poverty that others have known for far too long already.

What needs change?

The financial support on offer to help people is not keeping up with prices and being in work is no guarantee that you will be able to pay your bills. Inadequate wages and benefits which do not allow people to have a decent standard of living undermine human dignity and infringe human rights.

The current system is not working; and is instead baking poverty into our society. Things need to change and change fast so that poverty and inequality which are becoming ever more entrenched can be rooted out.

Help us send a message!

As we approach elections in London and nationally, London Challenge Poverty Week 2023 presents an opportunity to send a message to those that would represent us, that Londoners want real systemic change. Let’s all come together during the week to highlight the injustice of poverty in our city, show that we already have many of the solutions to put an end to it and bring the reality of a poverty free London one step closer.

About Us

London Challenge Poverty Week is coordinated by 4in10: London’s Child Poverty Network. We are supported by our London Challenge Poverty Week Champions who are involved in leading and shaping the week. These are people with lived experience of poverty, individuals with other specific expertise and/or designated representatives of partner organisations.

The organisations they work with and for include: 

London Challenge Poverty Week also receives support from many other organisations who work alongside families on low incomes in the capital. The Week is open to all who share the aim of bringing about a poverty free London, where everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity.

We also work in partnership with The Poverty Alliance who coordinate Challenge Poverty Week in Scotland and Church Action on Poverty who coordinate Challenge Poverty Week England and Wales.

If you are struggling at the moment, please visit the Giving and Getting Help section on the 4in10 website.